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Whats your Favourite Gun?
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About Me
<3 Classic_xBeauty 23rd May 2013
Name: Jennie
Status: Taken
Favorite Color: Pink (As you can see xD)
Favorite CoD: Black Ops
Race: I'm Asian not white haha xD

Beautiful quick scope shots
I love to quick scope with the L96A1 & go try hard with the Famas.
Search & Destroy all day baby. Competitive.
Add me for 1v1s! I got a mic too (: (Hear me rage & giggle hehe)
I'm fun to play with! I'll make you laugh till your balls/titties drops with my jokes (;
I don't rage quit. Ever! I believe only people who suck do it.
Kisses to all my bitches! ;*
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